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At Eyeland Opticians we believe in offering choice and value for money. We stock a wide range of frame styles to suit all styles and budgets from traditional styles to designer names. Below you will find a selection of some of the brand names we stock.



                                                               BULGARI BENCH PINEAPPLE MORGAN POLO SUPERDRY ANIMAL STEPPER JEAGER 


To complement your choice of frame we offer a large range of lens types from single vision to bifocals and varifocals. The last two types of lenses are required for people who are unable to see clearly at all distances with ordinary single vision glasses. This normally occurs from middle age onwards. Bifocals have a distinct line on the lens The upper part of the lens allows you to see clearly in the distance and the bottom part allows you to do near vision tasks such as reading. Varifocal lenses do not have a line on the lens but they also allow you to see clearly in the distance and close up.

We offer lenses from a wide range of lens manufacturers including:

  • Nikon
  • Zeiss
  • Essilor (the makers of Varilux lenses)
  • Kodak
  • Norville
  • Transitions

If you have a high prescription it can result in you having to wear thick and heavy lenses. But we can provide you with thinner, lighter lenses which look much better and are much more comfortable to wear.

What choices are available


standard lenses standard index (1.5) standard thickness
thin and light lenses mid index (1.6) up to 30% thinner
super thin lenses high index (1.67) up to 40% thinner
ultra thin lenses super high index (1.74) up to 50% thinner

Water repellent
To reduce reflections and glare  a flatter,thinner lens is lighter and reduces the distortion to the appearance of the eye of the wearer, making the wearer feel more at ease with their spectaclesThinner lenses

A hydrophobic coating to the lens reduces misting and makes them easier to clean

Anti-reflection coatings

Reduces glare, reflections and eases work with computer screens and night driving

Surface coatings

Particularly suitable for plastic lenses, these coatings protect against scratches

Progressive lenses

Providing a seamless transition for perfect vision up close and at distances; goodbye to bi-focals

Tinted lenses

A choice of Solid Tints ,Graduated (Fade Dark to Clear)


These lenses darken according to the amount of sunlight giving you comfortable vision both indoors and outdoors.

Polycarbonate lenses 

These are ten times stronger that standard plastic lenses. They are ideal for children and as well as sports such as squash, cricket and tennis

Trivex lenses 

These are thinner, lighter and stronger than normal plastic lenses.

Polarised lenses

These are available for reduced glare.

All of our tinted lenses have an ultra-violet filter to protect your eyes against the suns harmful ultra violet (UV) rays and conform to British Standards and EU regulations.